Pumpkin Carving

One of the traditions we have every Halloween – like so many others – is carving our pumpkins.  I get asked by the girls over and over, “when are we going to buy our pumpkin?”  Once I finally get it, the next question is “when are we going to carve it?”  We usually wait as close as we can to Halloween, so it looks as fresh as possible.  It was cool this year, the girls got all of the seeds and yucky stuff out all by themselves (to be honest, I like doing that as well)

Next, they had to draw what they wanted on it.  It was so cute, since we only bought one this year, they each drew one half of the face.  Now onto carving.  My supervisors told me where to cut and where not to cut.  “Make sure you don’t cut off the teeth, mom.”  😎  Wouldn’t dream of it.

All in all, it was a lot of fun as always!!!  After we go into the front yard to take pictures with the pumpkin, but that’s another blog still to come.   Hope all of you had an awesome Halloween!!!


So, it begins…

The end…for now!



~ by photospaz on November 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Pumpkin Carving”

  1. That looks like fun, I love the photo of your daughter sticking her tongue out. I see deep concentration. 🙂

  2. 🙂 Thanks. She takes that after me. I do the tongue-sticking-out thing as well. Somehow it helps with concentration. 🙂

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